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By Max Allan Collins

Investigating the heritage of a billionaire recluse's new son-in-law, detective Nathan Heller arrives on the Bahamas simply in time to benefit of his new client's loss of life, and the son-in-law wishes Nathan to keep him from a homicide rap. Reprint. NYT. PW. AB.

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But I know a contradiction of terms when I hear one. It didn’t start in Nassau, of course. ) to have been on the tiny island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. But for me it began, as always, in Chicago. “Mr. ” he asked, straw fedora in hand. He was of medium height, a square-shouldered, erect man exuding quiet confidence. Even if I wasn’t a detective, I could’ve put together his Southern drawl, his tan, and his tan linen suit, and figured he was from below the Mason-Dixon line. ” “That’s right,” I said, half-rising in my side booth at Binyon’s restaurant.

Very lovely,” I said, aiming for a sandfly and slapping myself in the face. He stopped to point at the ocean, as if it were another of his possessions. “This is Cable Beach—where the phone line comes in and connects us with civilization. ” Sir Harry took his hat off to wave the flies away. He smiled again in his stingy way. ” “She is at that. ” I swallowed. Much as I might mentally admire Miss Bristol’s posterior, it didn’t strike me as a subject for discussion. ” We’d stopped again, and he had placed a fatherly hand on one of my shoulders; his mean, tiny eyes narrowed into slits and his breath was hot, like a small blast furnace.

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