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By Rudyard Kipling, Nadia May, Inc. Blackstone Audio

The elements door of the smoking-room have been left open to the North Atlantic fog, because the tremendous liner rolled and lifted, whistling to warn the fishing-fleet. "That Cheyne boy's the largest nuisance aboard," stated a guy in a frieze overcoat, shutting the door with a bang. "He isn't really sought after the following. he is too fresh." A white-haired German reached for a sandwich, and grunted among bites: "I recognize der breed. Ameriga is filled with dot type. I dell you you want to imbort ropes' ends loose lower than your dariff."

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Mit der Hilfe von previous Wabble, dem ""K? nig der Cowboys"", will previous Shatterhand den geheimnisvollen Westmann previous Surehand aus den H? nden feindlicher Indianer befreien. Schlie? lich kommt ihnen auch Winnetou zu Hilfe. Im ""Llano Estacado"" kommt es zu einer schicksalhaften Begegnung. Fortsetzung in Band 15.

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Den schrecklichen Überfall auf das alte Bauernehepaar werden die Menschen im südschwedischen Schonen nie vergessen: Eines Nachts hält ein automobile vor einem einsam gelegenen Gehöft, Männer schleichen zum Haus, fesseln die Eheleute und ermorden sie brutal. Dann fliehen sie mit ein paar Kronen Bargeld.
"Ausländer, Ausländer! ", die letzten Worte der sterbenden Frau - lösen eine Welle der Gewalt gegen Ausländer in Schonen aus. ..

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An empty green dory bumped against the We’re Here. Something face down was in the water. It was a man—but not all of him! Penn changed color and caught his breath. Harvey pounded at the bell. He was terrified that the rescuers might be sunk at any minute. He jumped when he heard Dan’s shout. “It’s the Jennie Cushman! ” Dan cried out hysterically. “She’s cut clean in half—and ground up and trampled on! Dad’s found Jason Olley. Everyone else is gone. His son is gone! Oh, Harve, Harve, I can’t stand it!

I’ve seen—” Then he dropped his head in his hands and sobbed. The others dragged a grayheaded man on board. It was Jason Olley. ” he groaned. ” Disko dropped a heavy hand on Jason’s 52 Captains Courageous 09/26/06 8:58 AM Page 53 A Near Collision • 6 shoulder, for the man’s eyes were wild. The crew was silent. Then Penn spoke up—but it wasn’t the Penn they knew. Suddenly, there was no trace of the fool. He now had the face of an old, wise man. “I am a preacher,” he said to Disko and the others.

Before he knew it, though, his chuckle turned into a snore. 31 Captains Courageous 09/26/06 4 8:57 AM Page 32 Disaster at Sea Harvey woke up to find the We’re Here in rough water. The boat would tip up steeply, then swoop down. Again and again water from the surging waves slammed down on the deck like buckshot. In the tiny galley, the cook balanced himself over the stove. The pots and pans rattled and shook. “There’s no chores to do in this weather,” Long Jack said. After breakfast, he went back to his bunk and smoked.

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