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While the true affinities of others are still uncertain. 46 SOLENOPORACEAE Characteristics This extinct family is characterized by encrusting forms that developed nodular growth habits ranging in size from several millimeters to a few centimeters (Fig. 29). Rounded, hemispherical masses seem to be the most common shapes, although thin crusts are known. Internally, these algae consist of radially or vertically divergent calcified rows or filaments of cells which are circular or polygonal in cross sections (Figs.

Growth rotes Very little direct and quantitative data exist with regard to the growth rates of skeletal calcareous algae. although some generalizations and orders of magnitude can be established. Techniques for measuring rates of growth have differed sUbstantially and have not always been very precise. Biologists have stressed the importance of the standing crop and organic productivity in relation to growth. while sedimentologists have emphasized sediment production. 20 Inherent physiological differences between species accounts for the wide range of growth rates observed among the skeletal calcareous algae -some plants simply grow faster than others in a given environment.

Fig. 29. Parachaetetes. Vertical section ot thallus. Reflected I ight, polished surface. uevon i an , Alberta. Fig. 30. Solenopora. Vertical section of cel I fi laments. Kentucky. Transmitted light, thin section. Fig. 31. Solenopora. Transverse section of cel1s. Transmitted light, thin section. Ordovician, Ordovician, Kentucky. Representative genera About 10-12 genera have been assigned to the Solenoporaceae, although only a few of these occur commonly or seem to be valid taxa. , Pseudochaetetes) , and BJcnoporidium probably belongs to the green algae (Elliott, 1963).

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