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characters. You can include comments anywhere after the XML declaration as long as they are not inside attribute values and don't occur in the middle of the < and > boundaries of a tag.

Com/software, where all of the technologies described here, including the Oracle8i database, are available for download. You will need to sign up for a free OTN membership before getting to the download page. See the OTN web page for details. 0 Recommendation as well as the Document Object Model (DOM) for processing and constructing XML. Using its companion support for the Simple API for XML (SAX), you can process XML datagrams of arbitrary size with low memory usage. Using the supplied oraxml tool, you can parse and validate XML files from the command line or in scripts.

This can be inefficient, however, if the document consists largely or entirely of ASCII characters that need only values in the range of -127 to be represented. Another, more clever scheme, named UTF-8, takes a different approach, using a single byte to represent ASCII characters and a sequence of from two to five bytes to represent other characters. UTF-8 is the default encoding scheme for an XML document if one is not specified. If the default UTF-8 character encoding is not appropriate, include an encoding attribute that says what encoding your document is using.

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