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By Tulku Thondup Rinpoche

Written by way of a famous student of the Nyingma college of Tibetan Buddhism, it is a survey of Buddhism in Tibet, and an account of the doctrine and background of the 4 significant Buddhist colleges of Tibet - Nyingma, Kagyd, Sakya, and Gelug, with lists in their significant monastic associations. an summary of Tibetan literature is usually supplied, with a precis of either the secualr and non secular literature of Tibet, and specific emphasis at the scope of literary works of the 4 significant Buddhist colleges. a useful reference publication, BUDDHIST CIVILIZATION IN TIBET is exclusive in that it presents an entire diversity of data on Tibetan faith and literature, with large scholarly facts, in one compact quantity.

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Am ong the Drukpa Kagyudpas he is known as Kun-Khyen (Kun-mKhyen — All Knowing). He was the fourth Druk-Ch’en incarnation of Tsang-Pa GyaRe (gTsang-Pa rGya-Ras). He founded the Sang-Ngag Cho-Ling (gSangsNgags Ch’os-Gling) monastery near the Tibetan-Assamese (an Indian State) border. This monastery became the residence of the Druk-Ch’en incarnations. Two lineages of incarnations came from him — Pag-Sam Wang-Po (dPag-bSam dBang-Po) and Ngag-W ang Nam-Gyal (NgagdBang rNam-rGyal) (1594-1651). The latter went to Bhutan and became both the spiritual and temporal head of the country.

They assert that all appearances are the three great mandalas which are Spontaneous, Empty and Great Bliss. There are two paths contained within this TantrarThe Path of Liberation (Grol Lam) and the Path of Skillful Means (Thabs-Lam). In the path of liberation one meditates on the no-thought wisdom and sees all appearances as divinities and their Pure Land. In the path of skillful means one attains wisdom by using the four or six chakras of the body. Through these practices one may attain Buddhahood in this life.

He had 3,000 students. The famous scholar Ngag-W ang Trag-Pa (Nga-dBang Grags-Pa) was also instrumental in the development o f this tradition. Sang-Gyal W on TragPa Pal (Sangs-rGyal dBon Grags-Pa dPal), a nephew o f Gampopa built the Riwoche monastery in Kham. The monastery is noteworthy in that it contains different colleges for the study of the different schools in Tibetan Buddhism. 3) Yamzang Kagyud (gYam-bZang bKa’-brGyud): This school was founded by Phagmo Trupa’s disciple Ye-Shes (Shes) Senge.

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