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You can't clarify what sweetness is to the fellow who hasn't ever tasted chocolates. you could carry your entire articulateness, yet you can't clarify an easy factor, sweetness. the one method is to supply him a few candies. Thats what the masters were doing all alongside. instead of telling you what sweetness is, they give it to you to style. They themselves are supplying, their very own presence so you might flavor it. Osho
Bodhidharma is termed because the twenty sixth Patriarch within the line emanating from Gautam Buddha. even though, as Osho says, he indicates even greater flights than Buddhawho wouldn't settle for any woman disciplesas his grasp was once the enlightened girl, Pragyatara.
Buddhism had entered china 600 years previous, and now Pragyatara prompt Bodhidharma to head there and to cross on Buddhas crucial message of enlightenment. the sooner messengers of Buddhas teachings had had an excellent impression at the humans of China, yet none have been enlightened. It used to be now time for the flavor of recognition, of Awakening, to be handed on.
Osha dissects those 3 volumes of notes from Bodhiddharmas disciples intimately, mentioning the place, and the way, the disciples minds have are available in to distort the message of this Buddhaan woke up one.
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Osho is a revolution, inspiring thousands of individuals around the world together with his method of the technology of internal transformation. but in his personal phrases, he says, i'm no one. I dont belong to any kingdom, I dont belong to political celebration. i'm easily someone, the best way life created me.
His books and audiobooks are foreign bestsellers and canopy a rare variety of issues from the knowledge of the phrases mystics to intensely own questions about the interior search.
About the Book
Bodhidharmas assertion is, buddhas dont store buddhas. he's asserting you're all buddhas even if you recognize it or now not, an

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IF THIS WAS THE CASE WITH GOOD STAR, THEN PEOPLE NOWADAYS WHO RECITE A FEW SUTRAS OR SHASTRAS AND THINK IT'S THE DHARMA ARE FOOLS. It can be taken for granted that Bodhidharma must have said this. It is beyond the capacity of a disciple to call knowledgeable people who can recite all the Buddhist sutras, fools. Only Bodhidharma can do that, not out of any arrogance, not out of any ego, not to condemn them, not to humiliate or insult them, but for Bodhidharma, it is simply the fact. And the fact has to be stated.

The dreams float in front of me. I see them. Because I see them, obviously I am not them. I am the seer and they are the seen. I am the knower and they are the known. They are objects, I am the subject. " AND IS WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND SAYING DIFFERENT FROM YOU? Again the same fallacy; the answer given is NO, IT ISN'T. It is not different from me -- any doing or saying .... But it is so simple; particularly for you it must be so simple. Walking, you can see that it is an action of your body, but you are not it.

THE BUDDHA IS OUR NATURE, but unless we are aware we will remain mortals. THERE'S NO BUDDHA BESIDES THIS NATURE. AND THERE'S NO NATURE BESIDES THE BUDDHA. Bodhidharma The Greatest Zen Master Osho The word `buddha' will be repeated again and again by Bodhidharma so you have to understand what it means. It is not a personal name of anybody. Buddha simply means one who is awakened. Gautam Buddha is the most famous awakened person but that does not mean that he is the only awakened person. There have been many buddhas before him and there have been many buddhas after him and as long as every human being can become a buddha, there will go on springing up new buddhas in the future.

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