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The translation of Blood Smears Reinterpreted used to be all started whilst the French unique used to be nonetheless present process revisions. i used to be accorded the oppor­ tunity to question any assertion or flip of word that was once uncertain to me or seemed vulnerable to misinterpretation. it truly is my desire that consequently, ambiguities-particularly these inherent in transformations among American and european ropean usage-have been got rid of and i have no less than ap­ proached the final word target of any translation: to mirror the author's purpose effectively whereas last as readable because the unique. past the function of translator, i used to be inspired to imagine the position of critic. hence, a few pages or maybe unmarried sentences have been hotly debated, occasionally for hours, as Marcel Bessis insisted that any inter­ pretations on which lets no longer agree could be so indicated. actually our dialogue continually led to contract, notwithstanding they ended in alterations of a sentence the following or a note there and, every now and then, to the addition of a footnote or a short paragraph.

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3 - Rhopheocytosis. Incorporation of ferritin in an erythroblast: (1) ferritin molecules adhere to cell membrane; (2) and (3) invagination; (4) the vacuole closes; (5) the membrane of the vacuole dissolves and the ferritin molecules are free in the cytoplasm 15 6 - Cell Movements Movement IS one of the fundamental characteristiCS of life. Yet a great majority of cytologic studies deal with cadavers. Each cell line requires separate study which will be found in the corresponding chapters. '· 2. 3 Locomotion Leukocytes have this property, erythrocytes and platelets do not.

Fig 1, p. 55) Fig. 3 - Siderosomes consist of masses of ferritin surrounded by a limiting membrane. Mitochondna normally do not contain iron (cf. Fig. 2. p. 55) 35 6 - Extrusion of the Nucleus Examination in the Living State 1 The phenomenon IS readily seen In phase contrast microscopy in preparations from patients with acute hemolytic anemia. When blood Is examined between slide and coverslip, the nuclear extrusion takes approximately 10 min at room temperature. The cell pushes out and retracts short pseudopodia.

With more and more refined techniques one might hope to Identify the first moment at which the initiation of differentiation can be characterized. , a cell that can develop only Into one specific line) Amplification normally takes place concomitantly With maturation. Amplification vanes in different cell lines In the red cell series, one committed cell ordinanly gives rise to 16 fully differentiated cells (see p. 20). Modulation At each stage of maturation, the cell may assume different morphologiC aspects if the environment changes.

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