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This e-book elaborates extra at the inspiration of a "dark Earth" that's coupled to the obvious Earth within the context of darkish Plasma concept (using a well known approach). This parallel Earth is the habitat of plasma existence varieties, together with human darkish bioplasma our bodies, and consists totally of low density magnetic plasma. The biosphere of this counterpart Earth is time and again greater than the (currently) noticeable Earth and there's huge, immense biodiversity during this oceanic darkish plasma planet which teems with plasma lifestyles types. Unexplained atmospheric plasma (UAP) items which sporadically seem in our skies and express clever habit are manifestations of those co-inhabitants of Earth. counting on the (dark) electromagnetic interactions among darkish plasma lifestyles kinds (including human bioplasma our bodies) with vertical electric fields (radiating from the heart of the Earth) and the plasma density of alternative "shells", existence types during this parallel Earth (including human bioplasma our bodies that have decoupled from their associated carbon-based our bodies) gravitate or levitate into specific shells ­ 'higher' shells being coincident with the actual surroundings of the noticeable Earth and 'lower' shells with the crust and inside of the Earth. it really is attainable that those shells were loosely defined as "heavens' and 'hells" within the anecdotal literature.

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In an idealised situation, they then separate to form a negatively-charged soup of electrons (or ‘negative ions’) and a positively-charged soup of protons (or ‘positive ions’) which is overall neutral and exhibits collective behavior . In other words, only the configuration of particles has changed . Plasma-like behavior can be observed even when only 1% of the atoms in a given volume lose their electrons. So partially ionized plasmas also contain neutral atoms. Since there are large soups of free electrons in plasma, standard plasma (or plasma composed of standard particles) is an excellent conductor of electricity, far exceeding the conducting properties of metals such as copper or gold .

Owen points out that a plasma core provides a better explanation for the behavior of the mantle which surrounds the Earth’s outer core. He believes that the Earth’s magnetic field can be generated as effectively by a plasma core as by one of nickel-iron. Earth’s Magnetic Field Interpenetrating the Earth’s atmosphere and extending far into space is the geomagnetic field of the Earth, which can be imagined as a magnetic field generated by a bar magnet tilted about 11 degrees to Earth’s spinning axis.

Current theories of the large scale structures of the universe, using the results of astronomical measurements, predict that the mass of the universe is much more than what is observed. When the mass in all the ordinarily visible and measurable stars and intergalactic dust is added together, it turns out to be too small. Either these theories are wrong or some additional mass must be hidden from us. 23 Mirror Matter Many of the interactions in this (ordinarily visible) universe seem to be biased to the left.

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