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By Marc Trachtenberg, Francis J. Gavin Frank Stanton Chair in Nuclear Security Policy Studies MIT, Christopher Gehrz, Wolfram Kaiser, Erin Mahan, Paul Pitman, Leopoldo Nuti, Georges-Henri Soutou, Hubert Zimmerman

Written by way of students from each side of the Atlantic, the paintings discusses the position eu dependence on American help performed within the background of ecu unification.

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Thereprobablywouldhavebeenfurtherprogress toward convertibility throughgradual“hardening” of settlementtermsin the EPU. 33 But without new politicalunderstandings betweenthe FrenchandGermangovernments,it wasunlikelythat“LittleEurope”wouldhaveemergedasa defined economicbloc. THE DEBATE OVER EUROPEAN DEFENSE As notedabove,recenthistoricalaccountsof the originsof the Common Marketstartwith theproposition thatthekey securityissues thathaddivided theWesternnationsduringthe firstpostwardecadeweresettledwhenWest GermanyjoinedNATO.

SeealsoDouglasBrink7heCold War Yean,1953-71 (New Haven:Yale University ley, Dean Acheson: Press),153. Note alsoAcheson’s commentin 1961aboutthe needfor the sortof forcesthatwouldenabletheWesternpowersto intervenein theevent,for example, of a new uprisingin Hungary:Acheson-de Gaullemeeting,April 20, 1961,Documentsdiplomatiques franGais1961,1:494. 74. The critic Harold in questionwas the formerdefenceministerin the Macmillangovernment, Watkinson. 75. See,for example,Achesonto Truman,May 28, 1953,box 30, folder391, and Achesonmemorandum of conversation, June23, 1953,box 68, folder172,in AchesonPapers,SterlingLibrary,Yale University,New Haven,Connecticut.

And all of theseproblemscameto a head of a sharp simultaneously in thesummerandfall of 1956,primarilybecause controversy sparkedby Anglo-American plansto substitute atomicweapons for troopsstationed in Germany.

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