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Modified instruments equipped with digital read-out or retransmitting potentiometers are also available. A number of purely electronic integration devices have been proposed in recent years (10, 11, 12). Several different circuit designs have gained acceptance, but superior results may be obtained with instruments which perform the integration by measuring the total potential accumulated across a precision capacitor during the electrolysis. Auxiliary equipment may, of course, be added to provide direct recording or digital read-out.

37. HARRISON, A. D . , LINDSEY, A. , Anal. Chim. Acta, 13, 459-464 (1955). 38. , / . Electroanal. , 1, 416-421X1960). 39. NAIR, A. P. , and IBRAHIM, S. , / . Sei. Ind. Research (India), 15B, 703-707 (1956). 40. , Bunseki Kagaku, 8, 456-457 (1959); Chem. , 54, 22098b (1960). 41. WEBB, H . , Analyst, 70, 301-306 (1945). 42. CENTER, E. , OVERBECK, R. C , and CHASE, D . , Anal. , 23,1134-1138 (1951). 43. , Anal. , 27,1116-1119 (1955). CHAPTER IV ANALYTICAL APPLICATIONS ALKALI METALS Controlled-potential coulometry is not well suited to the determination of the alkali metals.

20 V vs. 45 V vs. 60 V vs. 00 V vs. 90 V vs. 0, dextrin added, 100° C 46 CONTROLLED-POTENTIAL ANALYSIS effected by moderate concentrations of copper or bismuth in the mercury. Some of the factors to be considered in such determinations when working with traces of cadmium and other metals were discussed in detail by Coriou, Hure, and Meunier (49). 02 per cent. MacNevin and Mclver (42) circumvented the need for separation of cadmium and zinc by measuring both the integrated current passed during the simultaneous deposition of the two metals and the total increase in weight of the cathode at the completion of electrolysis.

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