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Deep-sea benthic foraminifera have performed a significant position in biostratigraphic, paleoecological, and paleoceanographical examine for over a century. those single–celled marine protists are very important as a result of their geographic ubiquity, contrast morphologies and swift evolutionary premiums, their abundance and variety deep–sea sediments, and due to their application as signs of environmental stipulations either at and under the sediment–water interface. moreover, solid isotopic information bought from deep–sea benthic foraminiferal checks supply paleoceanographers with environmental details that's proving to be of significant value in experiences of worldwide climatic switch. This paintings collects jointly, for the 1st time, new morphological descriptions, taxonomic placements, stratigraphic incidence information, geographical distribution summaries, and palaeoecological info, besides state of the art color photomicrographs (most taken in mirrored gentle, simply as you will see them utilizing mild microscopy), of three hundred universal deep-sea benthic foraminifera species spanning the period from Jurassic - fresh. This quantity is meant as a reference and study source for post-graduate scholars in micropalaeontology, geological execs (stratigraphers, paleontologists, paleoecologists, palaeoceanographers), taxonomists, and evolutionary (paleo)biologists.


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Annectina grzybowskii probably became extinct in the Early Eocene, whereas Annectina biedai mainly occurs in younger strata, becoming extinct in the Oligocene (Gradstein and Kaminski, 1997). Description Test slightly elliptical to circular in outline, composed of a proloculus followed by an undivided, tubular, second chamber. The tubular chamber remains thin, initially forming a milioline coil, then becoming planispiral with numerous whorls (ten or more). The planispiral portion is almost flat with a flush, coiled suture, which may exhibit small, wavy irregularities (Kaminski and Gradstein, 2005).

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