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By Dawn Atkins

Former stripper Autumn Beshkin is an city woman eyeing a brand new occupation. To climb this occupation ladder she's maintaining her outfits on and taking an accounting task. Small-town dwelling isn't really as intriguing as she's used to, yet it is just transitority. Then she meets her attractive new boss, Mayor Mike Fields. The allure among them steams up the place of work, and all at once her stopover at the following delivers hedonistic pleasure.

Luring the conservative mayor into a few not-so-mayoral actions is not tricky for a lady of Autumn's skills. And the implications are scorching! yet simply as she's eyeing the go out ramp out of city, Mike indicates turning this fling right into a dedication. Is he--and his conventional town--really prepared for the uncut model of Autumn?

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Learn by doing. Okay. She would enter a tax payment. She keyed the numbers into the relevant columns, hit what she thought was the “calculate” key and got error symbols. Damn. “Backspace” condensed the cells and she couldn’t get them to toggle back. Double damn. Five minutes into her first job and she was DOA. Now what? Mike couldn’t help and she didn’t want to alarm the town clerk she hadn’t met. Her chest felt so tight she could hardly breathe. She wanted to crawl out of her sweat-slick skin.

Jasmine, with her wretched history, should understand. But in that way she was like the fish in the Huffmans’ tank—the plastic castle was a surprise every time. Maybe most humans had amnesia about the pain of heartbreak. Autumn sure didn’t. Jasmine grabbed her hand. “Don’t worry. Love will come to you when you’re ready. ” If it were possible to truly be with someone, to trust him—and herself—Autumn might be interested. In reality, it just seemed too good to be true. She stuck with what she trusted, what she understood—sex, not love.

I know what you mean. ” “Yeah. Last night was—” From down the hall, there was a rattle, followed by a smashing sound. Mike grinned. “Sounds like one of Evelyn’s gnomes bit the dust. ” They were smiling at each other when the front door jangled and Evelyn called out, “Hey, kids. ” “Uh, nothing,” Mike said, moving in her direction, trying to head her off from the hall action. ” “I am so proud of her. ” From down the hall came a shriek. ” Evelyn hurried that way. “Nothing. Really,” Autumn said, trying to prevent Evelyn from bursting in on the nooner, but the woman was lightning on Nikes and she reached the bathroom door just as it flew open.

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