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The Internet is interconnected with pretty fast gear these days, so let’s say, just for fun, that all the connections from Stream-Co to your ISP network are 10 Gbps. Yeah baby—fast is good! Now, your cable Internet provider switches your stream in 10 glorious gigabits per second, until it gets to the device that connects to your cable modem. Let’s say that you’ve got a nice connection, and you can download 50 megabits per second. Can you see the problem? Buffers | 21 The kickin’ 10 Gbps data flow from Stream-Co has screamed across the country (or even the world) until it gets right to your virtual doorstep, at which point the speed goes from 10 Gbps to 50 Mbps.

You probably wouldn’t buy an Arista switch for a VoIP deployment that requires PoE. Though you could cer tainly use an Arista switch in your enterprise office environment, they don’t make a PoE model, the switches aren’t stackable, and Arista doesn’t really chase the office-switch market. These switches are made for data centers, and have features required for such deployments. Every Arista switch has dual (or more) power supplies, hot swappable fans with frontto-back (or reverse) airflow, and a myriad of other features required for highly available data center environments.

In fact, I’ve seen Arista win bids based on the price of their optics alone. Even if the Arista switch was more expensive than the competitor’s, the price of the Arista optics resulted in the bottom line being less than the competitor’s quote. The price is nice, but a low price is useless if the item doesn’t work. ) Be warned that vendors are disallowing the use of other vendor’s optics. A Cisco Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver (SFP) will not work in an Arista switch, nor will an HP SFP work in a Cisco switch.

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