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By Prof. Dr. Heiko Braak (auth.)

This is a well timed opus. such a lot folks now are too younger to recollect the disagreeable ring of a polemic among those that produced "hair-splitting" parcellations of the cortex (to paraphrase considered one of O. Vogt's favorite expressions) and those that observed the cortex as a homogeneous matrix sus­ taining the reverberations of EEG waves (to paraphrase Bailey and von Bonin). One camp accused the opposite of manufacturing bogus arrangements with a paint brush, and the wrong way round the accusation was once that of bad eye-sight. Artefacts of varied kinds have been invoked to give an explanation for the opponent's blunders, starting from perceptual results (Mach bands crispening the areal borders) to terrible fixation supposedly as a result of perfusion too quickly (!) after loss of life. i've got heard such a lot of this without delay from the protagonists' mouths. The polemic used to be now not resolved however it has mellowed with age and eventually light out. i used to be relieved to determine that Professor Braak elegantly avoids dis­ cussion of an extrememist guideline, that of "hair-sharp" areal obstacles, which makes little feel in developmental biology and is inappropriate to neurophysiology. It was once really dangerous to cortical neuroanatomy, given that its negation resulted in the concept that structurally detailed parts will not be in any respect existent. but, no one could deny the truth of 5 palms on one hand whether the particular project of each epidermal telephone to at least one finger or one other is clearly impossible.

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Usage of the characteristics of the radiate bundles should therefore be confined to the isocortex. If with anything of all, the superficial lamina Pre-a has traits in common with the isocorticallayer IIIc. Considering this, the entorhinal cortex would actually be of the euradiate type. Immediately subjacent to Pre-a there is a cell-sparse band of tangentially adjusted myelinated fibres (Fig. 11). Layer Pre-/3, which is mainly formed of slender pyramidal cells, follows. The triangular or even spindle-shaped cell bodies give rise to a thin apical dendrite without ramifications piercing Pre-a.

Limited parts of them are densely studded with microdendrites (Wenzel and Bogolepov, 1976). The stratum oriens vanishes gradually within CA4. The basket cells are shifted through the modified pyramids towards the plexiform layer of the fascia dentata. Hence within the marginal parts of CA4, local circuit neurons of both the ammonshorn and the fascia dentata come together to form the aforementioned ill-defined stripe which is part of the fascia dentata and the ammonshorn as well (Stephan, 1975).

Interm. lat. (RSg{3) (RSga) (RSgr) retrospl. agran. , 1979c,d (cyto, myelo, pigmento) ectospl. retrospl. paraspl. med. (proiso) (iso) (periallo) retrospl. lat. (proiso) retrospl. intermed. (proiso) of internal subicular pyramids (Fig. 14). These allocortical structures represent the supracommissural parts of the hippocampal formation (Stephan, 1975). The adjoining periallocortical ectosplenial field (Figs. 14, 15) hardly shows a clear lamination. The molecular layer is filled with myelinated fibres.

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