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By Jean-Pierre Demailly

This quantity is a ramification of lectures given by way of the writer on the Park urban arithmetic Institute (Utah) in 2008, and on different events. the aim of this quantity is to explain analytic options beneficial within the research of questions referring to linear sequence, multiplier beliefs, and vanishing theorems for algebraic vector bundles. the writer goals to be concise in his exposition, assuming that the reader is already just a little accustomed to the elemental ideas of sheaf thought, homological algebra, and intricate differential geometry. within the ultimate chapters, a few very contemporary questions and open difficulties are addressed--such as effects with regards to the finiteness of the canonical ring and the abundance conjecture, and effects describing the geometric constitution of Kahler forms and their optimistic cones.

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Let V ⊆ An (K) be a variety and I(V ) its ideal. The integral domain Γ (V ) = K[x1 , . . , xn ]/I(V ) is called the coordinate ring of V . , equivalence classes modulo I(V ). Let J (V, K) be the set of all functions from V to K. The set J (V, K) becomes a ring if we define (f + g)(x) = f (x) + g(x), (f · g)(x) = f (x) · g(x), for all f, g ∈ J (V, K), x ∈ V . The natural homomorphism from K into J (V, K), which maps a λ ∈ K to the constant function x → λ, makes K a subring of J (V, K). 18. Let V ⊆ An (K) be a variety.

Now, let A(x1 , y1 , z1 , . . , xm , ym , zm ) be the matrix of the system S; note that the entries of A are polynomials in xi , yi , zi . Then, for every non-negative integer j we consider the set Rj (d, r1 , . . , rm ) = {((˜ x1 : y˜1 : z˜1 ), . . , (˜ xm : y˜m : z˜m )) ∈ (P2 (K))m | rank(A(˜ x1 , . . , z˜m )) ≤ j}. Clearly Rj (d, r1 , . . , rm ) is a projective algebraic set, since the above rank condition is achieved by means of the vanishing of certain minors of the matrix. On the other hand, it is also clear that 2 m R0 (d, r1 , .

One way of computing the degree of a rational mapping is by directly computing the degree of the algebraic field extension. Alternatively, we may use the fact that the degree of the mapping is the cardinality of a generic fibre. Those points where the cardinality of the fibre does not equal the degree of the mapping are called ramification points of the rational mapping. 16 in [Har95]). 43. Let φ : W1 → W2 be a dominant rational mapping between varieties of the same dimension. There exists a nonempty open subset U of W2 such that for every P ∈ U the cardinality of the fibre φ−1 (P ) is equal to degree(φ).

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