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By Ellen Schrecker, Recorded Books

McCarthyism is the longest and such a lot frequent of political repression in American background. A simple figuring out is verified as to what happened throughout the chilly conflict crimson scare of the past due 1940's and 1950's. This factor is analyzed from the views of sufferers and perpetrators. How one of these politically repressive stream evolve in sleek post-World struggle II the USA turns into the article of study.

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III. How did the committees operate? A. Selecting witnesses involved several steps. 1. Committees and their staffs worked closely with other members of the anticommunist network to identify potential witnesses and assemble evidence against them. a. The FBI supplied information to many committees. b. Though the committees sometimes made mistakes, most of the people they subpoenaed were or had been in or near the Communist Party. c. The committees relied heavily on professional witnesses. 2. Committees had to determine if a witness would cooperate.

When HUAC returned to Hollywood in 1951 and 1952, it was known that all unfriendly witnesses would be automatically fired and blacklisted. The blacklist expanded beyond party members and unfriendly witnesses. A. In order to avoid threatened boycotts, the studios secretly cleared the names of potential employees with the American Legion. 1. Key members of the anticommunist network vetted these names. 2. People who were not immediately cleared had to exonerate themselves by writing letters to explain their political activities, though they did not usually have to name names.

Because Hoover believed that the Communist Party and everything and everyone associated with it was illegitimate, all the Bureau’s activities in the field of countersubversion were designed to destroy its influence and punish its members. A. The FBI wanted the Justice Department to put Communists on trial as a way to delegitimize their activities. B. By the late 1950s, after the federal judiciary began reversing the convictions of political defendants, the FBI developed the secret COINTELPRO program of dirty tricks to harass and discredit Communists.

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