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By Tom Gamble

An idealistic younger Englishman, Harry Summerfield, befriends an American oil explorer in Gibraltar within the Thirties. Their assembly sparks a trip for either males so that it will take them throughout Morocco and northern Africa, to come across the tough realities of Berber competition to French colonial rule and the fervour of a love for a similar younger French lady. jam-packed with motion, personality and terribly shiny neighborhood color, this can be a large novel ofadventure and romance which retains the reader guessing web page after web page.

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Abrach nodded. ‘In some of our British dominions, the same law applies,’ added Summerfield. ’ ‘Do you really consider yourself one of them, Harry? They are French, they are Spanish. You are British. And I believe that the British hold certain opinions about their frères ennemis across the English Channel? Am I wrong? I believe you are a person who values equality, Sidi Harry. And I also believe that you consider yourself more like us, the Moroccans, than either the French or Spanish and despite the colour of our skin.

In the middle of the pond, accessible by a small wooden bridge, was a glass kiosk with its private table and a set of luxuriant cushions of golden silk. Water flowed, birds cheeped and warbled, the sound of their beating wings the only interruption in the silence. I have found paradise, said Summerfield silently and closed his eyes. Presently a young man appeared dressed in a white gown and made the customary greeting—the right hand to the heart followed by a swishing, open gesture. No words were exchanged and Summerfield let himself be ushered to a room—pale yellow—and a table.

They sat in the lobby of Wilding’s hotel and drank tea. A large, whirring ventilator sent a blessing of cool air upon them and then, with an obtrusive click, broke down. ‘I’ll be back in six months,’ Wilding told him. ’ He mopped his forehead. ‘If we strike oil, I suppose it would only be natural for me to move base permanently south. ’ In a mirror gesture, Summerfield too wiped his forehead then blew air into his face. ‘I think I’ll stay on in Marrakesh, Jim—even if it is damn hotter than Gibraltar.

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