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By Glen Cook, Stephen Hoye, Audible Studios

At empire's finish conflict isn't all hell. Mocker reveals outdated buddies within the halls of loss of life, and Nepanthe, new fans within the fields of blood and bone. The war-child wields the sword of fact: the big name Rider's dread key is ultimately printed. And so it ends. notwithstanding "end" is yet a wizard-word for brand new beginnings.

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The good fortune was piling up. When it broke loose.... In truth, luck had less to do with his misfortunes than did compulsive gambling and an ironhard refusal to make his way up any socially acceptable means. This crude little brown man, from the worst slum of the Siluro ghetto, had had more fortunes rush through his fingers than most of the lords present. Once he had actually laid hands on the fabled treasure of Ilkazar. He wouldn't invest. He refused. Someday, he knew, the dice would fall his way.

M ocker changed subtly. Bragi sensed it. He stacked the third coin, folded his arms. " Mocker cried suddenly, startling the group. "Am poor old fat cretin of pusillanimity world-renowned, weak of head and muscle. Self, ask nothings. " "I saw the place where you're keeping my sister," Turran observed, perhaps more harshly than intended. Bragi waved a hand admonishingly. "Hai! " "Like the old joke," said Bragi. "We know what you are. " Mocker stared at the three gold coins. He looked round the room.

Mocker didn't doubt that they would. His past justified that optimism. After dark, following back-ways and forest trails, his captors took him southeastward, into the province of Uhlmansiek. So confident were they that they didn't bother concealing anything from him. " "Is a puzzlement. Self, profess bambizoolment. Met same two nights passing, speaking once to same, maybeso. " Sir Keren laughed. "But you've met before. A long time ago. " That put a nasty complexion on the matter. Mocker felt a new, deeper fear.

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