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By Alicia Dickenstein, Frank-Olaf Schreyer, Andrew J. Sommese

In the decade, there was a burgeoning of task within the layout and implementation of algorithms for algebraic geometric compuation. a few of these algorithms have been initially designed for summary algebraic geometry, yet now are of curiosity to be used in functions and a few of those algorithms have been initially designed for functions, yet now are of curiosity to be used in summary algebraic geometry.

The workshop on Algorithms in Algebraic Geometry that was once held within the framework of the IMA Annual application 12 months in functions of Algebraic Geometry through the Institute for arithmetic and Its purposes on September 18-22, 2006 on the college of Minnesota is one tangible indication of the curiosity. a hundred and ten members from 11 nations and twenty states got here to hear the numerous talks; speak about arithmetic; and pursue collaborative paintings at the many faceted difficulties and the algorithms, either symbolic and numberic, that remove darkness from them.

This quantity of articles captures a number of the spirit of the IMA workshop.

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Vertex X2 is connected to both elements of S in the complete bipartite graph. If the edges connecting X2 to S are different colors , proceed to X3 . If the edges agree in color, choose one additional edge of a different color adjacent to X2 . Add its left endpoint to S. Continuing in this way for X3, • . • ,Xd , we have lSI:::; d + 1 and that X is covered by S. Given a covering set S of size d + 1, we now find a subset of size d which covers x . Say XiI ' Xi2 , • • . ,Xik are all the right vertices which are INTERSECTIONS OF SCHUBERT VARIETIES 31 adjacent to a unique edge of either color.

Assume F. E Xwl (El). Then one would need at most ('2) variables and only (d - 1)n2 additional rank conditions. 2. 1) are redundant. One only needs to check the conditions for pairs in Fulton's essential set [Fulton, 1991]. Eriksson and Linusson [Eriksson and Linusson, 1995] have shown that the average size of the essential set is 3~ n 2 . However, this does not significantly reduce the number of rank equations on average or in the worst case. e. polynomial in n for a fixed d but exponential in d.

1 + . e-:-. -vd tm V-I + . . 5) where the non-zero coefficients (the question marks) are chosen generally. Let \Ii be the set of indices j such that ej has non-zero coefficient in Vi ' We wish to compute dim(V n Er n Fk) for each j = x p and k = Xd+l . 5)) involving no basis elements above ek. 6) where w = wO(wP)-l as above. This dimension is the corank of the matrix whose rows are determined by the given basis of V n F X d + 1 and the basis of Ef p . This can be computed "by eye" as follows.

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