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By Costas Lapavitsas, Heiner Flassbeck

At the twenty fifth January 2015 the Greek humans voted in an election of old importance—not only for Greece yet in all likelihood all of Europe. the novel get together Syriza was once elected and austerity and the neoliberal schedule is being challenged. all at once it sort of feels as though there's an alternate. yet what?

The Eurozone is in a deep and lengthy problem. it's now transparent that financial union is a old failure, past repair—and not at all within the pursuits of Europe’s operating people.

Building at the monetary research of 2 of Europe’s top thinkers, Heiner Flassbeck and Costas Lapavitsas (a candidate status for election on Syriza’s list), opposed to the Troika is the 1st e-book to suggest a strategic left-wing plan for a way peripheral international locations may perhaps go out the euro. With a metamorphosis in executive in Greece, and looming political variations in nations akin to Spain, this significant intervention lays out an intensive, anti-capitalist programme at a serious juncture for Europe. the ultimate 3 chapters supply a close postmortem of the Greek disaster, clarify what might be realized from it—and offer a potential alternative.

Against the Troika is a pragmatic blueprint for actual switch in a continent wracked by means of main issue and austerity.

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