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By Mark Twain, Saddleback Educational Publishing

To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES purely. This 80-page version has been painstakingly edited to maintain the integrity of the unique paintings, and to express a feeling of the author's sort and the novel's topic. A low analyzing point assures luck and stimulates a wish for extra exploration of this vintage story.

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The last thing Mrs. Thatcher said to Becky was, “You’ll be gone late. Perhaps you’d better stay all night with Susy Harper. ” The ferryboat carried the party down the river. It tied up near a wooded hollow below town. Everyone dashed ashore with much 63 THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER shouting and laughter. The children played in the sun, had a fine picnic lunch, and then rested in the shade. ” Everybody was! Bundles of candles were pulled out and everyone ran up the hill. The mouth of McDougal’s cave was shaped like the letter A.

A blanket with bright stripes covered his shoulders. Long white hair flowed from under the hat. Bushy white whiskers and green colored glasses hid his 59 THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER face. The other man was a total stranger. “I don’t like any of this one bit,” the stranger said. ” To the boy’s amazement, the “deaf and dumb” Spaniard answered. ” he grunted. ” The boys gasped. It was Injun Joe’s voice! Shaking and silent, they watched as the men ate bread from their pocket. ” yawned Injun Joe. Before long, both men were snoring.

Tom Sawyer the Pirate felt that this was the proudest moment of his life. That had been his secret plan—to return with his brother pirates and go to their own funeral. The next day Tom and Joe were the heroes of the schoolyard. Before long the two pirates became quite stuck-up. Tom decided he would ignore Becky Thatcher. He pretended he didn’t see her. In turn, she began showing off. She ran and chased and screamed—always looking Tom’s way to see if he noticed. But instead of looking over at Becky, 42 Pirates at Their Own Funeral • 6 Tom began talking to Amy Lawrence.

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