Download A Ticket To The Boneyard: A Matthew Scudder Crime Novel by Lawrence Block, Joe Barrett, Inc. Blackstone Audio PDF

By Lawrence Block, Joe Barrett, Inc. Blackstone Audio

Twelve years in the past, Matthew Scudder lied to a jury to place James Leo Motley in the back of bars. Now the inventive psychopath is unfastened. And the alcoholic ex-cop-turned-p.i. needs to pay dearly for his sins. buddies and previous fans -- even strangers unlucky sufficient to proportion Scudder's identify -- are turning up lifeless. simply because a vengeful maniac is set to not relaxation till he is pushed his nemesis again to the bottle...and then to the boneyard.

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He had a lot of cash in his wallet, close to five hundred dollars. I took all of it and split it with the cop who was helping me out. I figured it was just as well to let it look as though someone had rolled our friend. Besides, if we didn’t take it the first cops on the scene would, and look at all we’d done to earn it. We got out of there without attracting any attention. I drove us up to the Village and bought my buddy a couple of drinks, and then we called it in to Headquarters anonymously and let them route it to the local precinct.

I got a few of those from her. Beautiful children, but you would expect that. ” “I wish I had the last card she sent. I’m not 30 Lawrence Block the kind of person who keeps things. By the tenth of January all my Christmas cards are out with the garbage. So I don’t have one to show you, and I won’t be getting a new one next month because—” She wept silently, her shoulders drawn in and shaking, her hands clasped. After a moment or two she caught hold of herself, drew in a deep breath, let it out.

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