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By P.J. Currie, W. Langston, D.H. Tanke

Within the first monographic remedy of a horned (ceratopsid) dinosaur in nearly a century, this huge quantity offers one of many closest appears on the anatomy, relationships, progress and edition, habit, ecology and different organic elements of a unmarried dinosaur species. The learn, which was once performed over twenty years, used to be attainable due to the discovery of a densely packed bone mattress close to Grande Prairie, Alberta. The locality has produced considerable continues to be of a brand new species of horned dinosaur (ceratopsian), and components of no less than 27 person animals have been recovered. This new species of Pachyrhinosaurus is heavily with regards to Pachyrhinosaurus canadensis, that is recognized from more youthful rocks close to Drumheller and Lethbridge in southern Alberta, yet is a smaller animal with many modifications within the decorative spikes and bumps at the cranium. The adults of either species have significant bosses of bone within the positions the place different horned dinosaurs (like Centrosaurus and Triceratops) have horns. even if, juveniles of the hot species resemble juveniles of Centrosaurus in having horns instead of bosses. cranium anatomy undergoes outstanding alterations in the course of development and the horns over the nostril and eyes of the Pachyrhinosaurus juveniles rework into bosses; spikes and horns strengthen at the best of and in the back of the frill that extends again over the neck. No reason has been decided for the plain catastrophic demise of the herd of Pachyrhinosaurus from the Grande Prairie region, however it has been steered that such herds could have been migratory animals. as well as the most descriptive paper, the amount comprises info at the distribution of bones in the bone mattress itself, and a state of the art electronic therapy of CT-scan facts of the fossils to bare the anatomy of the animal's mind.

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In plan, this specimen (Figs. 13F-13I, 14A) is more acuminate anteriorly than other nasal bosses. It lacks the "pommel" and spout-like feature anteriorly, although the tip of the boss projects freely for a short distance above the narial bridge. It is possible that dorsoventral crushing may have reduced the height of the boss and accentuated the apparent degree of this overhang. On the right side, there is only a suggestion of the marginal horn-like rim seen in larger skulls. The mass of the boss, which resembles a flattened pillow, overhangs the subjacent prefrontal and frontal bones posteriorly (Fig.

19A, 19B), the prefrontal appears as a transversely elongate trapezoid whose medial boundary with the frontal bone is more than twice as long as the lateral side where it forms part of the orbital margin and has a suture with the lacrimal. 178. 1596 (Figs. 19A, A New Horned Dinosaur From an Upper Cretaceous Bone Bed in Alberta • 37 Fig. 19. Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai. 347, left prefrontal in dorsal (B) and ventral (e and D) views. 347 (Figs. 19B, 19C, 19D) is only separated by 6 mm from the palpebral suture.

TOE). Anreriorly, the external surface is deeply sculptured by short chaotic pits and grooves, which grade posteriorly into a Illore regular pattern of suhparallel anteroposterior anastomosing sulci that are perpend icular to the border with the premaxillae. urincs (Fig. 9). Along with the premaxillae, the rostra I forms rhe disrinctive '"rosrral comb" that will be described subsequent to the description of the premaxilla. B Fig. 9. S. 258, I';Khyrhinosaurus bkustai; (Cl NMC 9485. 285, 1'3chyrh1l10S3urus lakuS(;lI.

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