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By P. J. Rhodes

This ebook supplies an obtainable account of classical Greek heritage, from the aftermath of the Persian Wars in 478 bc to the loss of life of Alexander the nice in 323 bc.Covers political and army occasions, together with: the flourishing of democracy in Athens; the Peloponnesian warfare, which concerned the entire Greek international; and the conquests of Alexander the Great.Deals with social, monetary and cultural advancements in addition to political and armed forces events.Combines research with narrative.Details the proof on which the account relies and the concerns that have to be born in brain in utilizing this evidence.Written through P. J. Rhodes, who has been educating and writing on Greek historical past for over forty years.The book’s readability and directness make it perfect for direction use.

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28), he wanted to help, Ephialtes did not, and again Cimon was successful (Plut. Cim. 16. viii–x). It was probably while he was away (cf. Plut. Cim. 15. ii) that Ephialtes gained a winning position in Athens and enacted his reforms. The Spartans, suspicious of their Athenian allies, sent them away; Cimon on his return tried to reverse the reforms, but he was unsuccessful, and was ostracised, his opponents objecting both that he was pro-Spartan, philolakon, and that he was anti-democratic, misodemos (Plut.

This was when the office of Greek Treasurers (hellenotamiai) was first established for the Athenians, to receive the tribute (phoros) – for that was the name given to the payment of money. ’ The likelihood is that at first the larger states all provided ships, as in other alliances the participants contributed their own forces; but it has been argued that more than half of the eventual members were so small that they could not man even one trireme for a long campaigning season, and most of the smaller states are likely from the beginning to have paid tribute.

Diodorus records the reform under the year 460/59 (XI. 77. vi): it is not his main episode for the year, but if it comes from his chronological source that source was on this occasion mistaken: there is no other reason to doubt the slightly earlier date of 462/1 given by Ath. Pol. Ath. Pol. and Plutarch seem respectively to give favourable and unfavourable accounts of the reform: For about seventeen years after the Persian Wars the constitution in which the Areopagus was dominant persisted, though it gradually declined.

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