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Ghost RBCs usually indicate intravascular lysis of RBC which can occur with immune-mediated disease, Heinz body hemolysis, or with fragmentation injury (100x). ® Autoagglutination on blood films is seen as three-dimensional clumping of erythrocytes. This may be confused with rouleaux formation. ® Autoagglutination can be distinguished from rouleaux by preparing and examining a saline-diluted wet preparation. – Place 1 drop of EDTA-blood on a slide. – Add 2 drops of isotonic saline. – Coverslip and examine.

Total Plasma Protein ® Total plasma protein can be measured easily by refractometry (Figure 3-9). 5 g/dl. ® Low total protein values reflect one of the following abnormalities – Protein losing nephropathy (characterized by proteinuria). – Protein losing enteropathy (usually associated with chronic weight loss and diarrhea). – Loss of lymph (check for pleural or peritoneal effusion). ). – Lack of protein production by the liver. ® Elevated protein values reflect either hemoconcentration or increased globulin production.

Lack of protein production by the liver. ® Elevated protein values reflect either hemoconcentration or increased globulin production. 17 TNM GuideToHema:03058 TNM text_cp 6/28/07 3:49 PM Page 18 A Figure 3-8 Abnormal plasma colors in canine plasmas. In the large blood tubes (A), from left to right, icterus, normal plasma, lipemia with hemolysis, and hemolysis are noted. Abnormal plasma colors in microhematocrit tubes (B) are more difficult to observe because of their small diameters. Icterus, lipemia, hemolysis, and normal plasma are displayed left to right.

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