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By Robert T. Henderson

Latest pastors are in challenge, with breakdowns, abuse, confusion, and divorces attaining epidemic proportions. Robert T. Henderson continues that there's a realm of non secular forces which pulls congregations towards loss of life. His answer is to energise pastors with a biblical realizing of the church's redemptive participation in Jesus' victory over the cosmic powers. They develop into "a door of hope.".

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Has it forgotten the threshold of radical repentance and new obedience that gives access to the joyous news of this kingdom? Has the church failed to recognize the malignant character of this present age and conformed to it? We have millions of church members, innumerable people in Sunday schools, tens of millions who profess to be born again, a great company who weekly partake of the bread and wine of the Lord's Supper. How can they still be so comfortable with the age of death? Why are the mandates of the Great King so rarely on our minds?

God wants them to come alive again and to become demonstrations of new creation. This is not an easy book. North American churches have been lulled into a stupor with regard to the spiritual context of our culture. Spiritual realities take on different appearances in different cultures and settings. As North America wrestles with secularism and as cultural violence becomes more apparent, it may be increasingly difficult and even perilous to be a pastor with kingdom integrity. The ideologies of the dominant social order are vigorous and well rooted.

One congregation forgets or is oblivious to its eschatological calling. The other is conscious of its calling to be the community of the age to come. Both are made up of fallible, sinful humans who profess the grace of God in Jesus Christ. One is content to be the religious community of the age of death. The other lives with the expectation and empowering of the age of life and light, the kingdom of God. One has been blinded and taken captive by "the prince of this world" (John 12:31). Religion, not Christ, is the focus of its corporate life.

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