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Deletion occurs context freely within roots, suffixes, and inflectional endings and does not rely on a derived environment. It is thus considered a post-cyclic rule. Cyclic rules interact with WFRs; post-cyclic rules apply after all the cycles have been completed, over the scope of the entire word, when all morpheme boundaries have been erased. 32 Let us return now to the problems encountered in the Slovak Rhythmic Law and Polish Comparative Allomorphy. Rubach demonstrates that the Rhythmic Law, as well as the addition of derivational and inflectional endings, all apply within the cyclic component of the grammar.

On the other hand, Rubach correctly points out that YDel is a post-cyclic rule because it occurs context-freely. M-jers in isolation within a root, suffix, or inflectional ending delete without exception at the end of a derivation. In (8) below are derivations in Russian illustrating the cyclic and post-cyclic nature of YVoc and YDel, respectively (Ms = masculine; Nm = nominative; Gn = genitive; sg = singular; dim = diminutive): 31 (8) ‘day’ Cyclic component Cycle 1 YVoc Cycle 2 Add suffix YVoc Cycle 3 Add infl.

The more predictable the alternation, the more likely it is to be reanalyzed as epenthesis or deletion in the grammar. The spread of M-jers is illustrated with Russian “secondary jers” and the replacement of the LCS imperative ending /-i/ with a M-jer. 2, the effect of stress on Hjer vocalization is considered. 3, three cases of M-jer ambigity are considered: verb imperative endings, noun case endings, and Russian secondary jers in obstruent-sonorant stems. 0 Problems with linear representation.

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