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Outfitted at the scarce, yet now not insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings offers a synchronic descriptive survey as whole as attainable of its uncomplicated grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative feedback, permitting the reader to acquire a close to actual photograph of this subject-matter.

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Erquecí “sciatica”, for NA #irq annas¯a, IQ 2/1/1 and 68/8/3 ›at(ta)‹ “you” for SA anta, Alc. yquín “if” = ikkÍn, from SA in k¯an, plus a host of similar instances in loanwords and place names of uncertain attribution, either to inner AA or Rm. , Pt. alma[n]xar = Cs. almijar “drying shed” < AA almanˇsár; Masalcoreig Ld. < mánzal qurayˇs “the inn of Qurayˇs”, Mazaleón Te. < mánzal al #uyún “inn of the springs”, and several other “inns”, in which that /n/ is systematically omitted in their Rm. transcription).

2. 17. , VA ›fursah‹ “chance”, for SA fursah, ›s/sib¯anah‹ ˙ ˙ 61 However, in some instances, like ›qafas/z‹ and the aforementioned ›nizarrar‹ (see ˙ impact of the Br. 1), we might have witnesses of the residual areas and epochs, as the shift /s/ > /z/z/ is characteristic of Arabic loanwords in that language (cf. Kabyle zzall “to pray” and˙ uzum ˙“to fast”, from {slw} and {swm}, in Dallet 1982:940 and ˙ ˙ inference must ˙be drawn from the anecdote ˙ ˙ 945). The same attributed to #Al¯ı b. Hamm¯ud, ˙ killing in the days of the Cordovan fitnah, who would have said with his Br.

S+ugzal “with a half-pike”, ›zagnaz‹ ˙ “clasp of a necklace”, from Br. , for SA siw¯ar, qaswah and sarw). ˙ ˙ When this situation is analyzed together with the similar frequency of the opposite phenomenon, one must conclude that this phonemic opposition, already precarious in the East when the first treatises on grammar were composed,60 had disappeared from the low registers of AA, though maintained in higher registers with the expectable reaction in the form of ultracorrections. , SG lxxxvii, fn.

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