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By Kurt A. Raaflaub, Hans van Wees

A scientific survey of archaic Greek society and tradition which introduces the reader to quite a lot of new methods to the period.

  • The first accomplished and obtainable survey of advancements within the research of archaic Greece
  • Places Greek society of c.750-480 BCE in its chronological and geographical context
  • Gives equivalent emphasis to tested themes resembling tyranny and political reform and more recent topics like gender and ethnicity
  • Combines money owed of ancient advancements with neighborhood surveys of archaeological facts and in-depth remedies of chosen themes
  • Explores the impression of jap and different non-Greek cultures within the improvement of Greece
  • Uses archaeological and literary facts to reconstruct extensive styles of social and cultural development

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1–2) is equally “Aryan,” as noted by Wright 2003: 39. 16 Beloch 1926: 65–76 and 245–53. 17 Will 1955: 363– 440; Burn 1960: 403–8, with explicit acknowledgement to Beloch. Contrast Morris 1996a. 18 “Darum sollte, wer den historischen Werdeprozeß verstehen will, mit dem Studium der Wirtschaftsgeschichte beginnen” (Beloch 1924: 2). 19 Notably (von) Pöhlmann 1889 (51914), eventually replaced in the Handbuch by Bengtson 1950 (51977; itself soon to be replaced by a multi-volume work by Niemeier, Gschnitzer and Gehrke); Wilcken 1924 (91962) eventually replaced by Schuller 1980, and above all Bury 1900 (41975 revised and corrected reprint 1978).

Second, they all imply comparison, whether with medieval Europe or with post-Roman “Dark Age” Britain or with other chronologically distant civilizations. The comparison with medieval Europe has been especially influential, the Greek city-states being seen as politically and economically very similar to the Hansa states, the Swiss cantons, and the Italian communes:2 but all such comparisons are shortcuts, which mislead more than they help. Third, they reflect decisions about periodization. Of course, all historians have to decide where to start and stop, but it is all too easy to inherit a decision without A Companion to Archaic Greece Edited by Kurt A.

His chapter headings alone give the gist clearly: Personality in history, Transmitted information, The Aegean coastlands, The beginnings of the Greek people, The Minoan–Mycenaean period, Expansion across the Aegean, Myth and religion, Heroic poetry, The age of cavalry, Sea-power, The transformation of economic life, The transformation of cultural life, The growth of larger polities, Tyranny, The foundation of the Persian Empire and of Greek hegemonies, Society and art in the age of the tyrants, and Religious reform and the foundation of scholarship.

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