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G. the conception of baptism as rebirth in i. 3; 23, and of 'pure, spiritual milk* in ii. 2; the notion of being called from darkness into God's light in ii. 9) is, as the Commentary will try to show, in all probability totally alien from Hellenistic religion. Indeed, the cast of the writer's mind has been more affected by Palestinian influences than Hellenistic. As regards recognition, the Muratorian Canon's failure to mention i Peter (especially if it is a Roman document) is distinctly puzzling, and the attempts made to explain it by the mutilated state of the text are not really satisfactory.

7; 17: cf. v. 10); the final conflict of God and His saints with the Devil has been effectively won, so that they can face every sort of ill-treatment with confidence, even exultation, Linked with this is the remarkable emphasis on exemplary behaviour which characterizes the epistle. Not only should Christians be tenderly affectionate to each other, but they are asked to observe the highest standards in their relations with pagan neighbours and the civil authorities. There is no thought in the writer's mind that good works will procure them salvation, for he believes they have obtained that through Christ.

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