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By Neil Paynter

Fifty new prayers from old and young and from people world wide – from Glasgow to Cincinnati, from Malawi to Alaska – that will be utilized in a regular self-discipline, many at the matters of the Iona neighborhood – poverty and fiscal justice, welcome and hospitality, interfaith discussion, church renewal, peacemaking.

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Then the deck cargo of a Swedish ship carrying wood from Canada had to be jettisoned. The timber floated all the way to Mull, directly opposite Iona – all the right length. ’ Answer: ‘… Prayer is working in my garden. Prayer is sitting in my garden. Prayer is sharing food from my garden. ’ From a conversation with a friend Call on God but row away from the rocks. Indian proverb God speaks in the silence. Listening is the beginning of prayer. Mother Teresa I often think that this is the most important of all, and that is the prayer of thanks.

St Teresa of Avila Is it not the essence of prayer – to see the One who is always near, and who is constantly inviting us, in gentle compassion, to come back to our inheritance as a human being made in the divine image? Peter Millar God responds to human situations where actual prayer is not clearly involved. So oppressed were the Hebrew people in Egypt under their task-masters that they seemed only to groan and cry out, without shaping their words into prayers. It was enough. God hears cries, and answers cries as well as prayers.

With an adventurous spirit may we always step lightly, with your yoke upon us, on our journey home to you. Yvonne Morland, Scotland REMIND US God in whose love we are made, when bread is before us remind us of the hungry. When our key is in our door remind us of those who have no home. When we enjoy the opportunities of money in our pockets remind us of those who only know poverty. When the laughter of friendship fills our hearing remind us of those who know only loneliness. When the love of our family keeps us safe remind us of those whose family was the place of their pain.

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