The Warminster Mystery was published in 1967 by Neville

Although geraniums are annuals, it is possible to see them flourish next season if you overwinter them correctly. Follow the procedure for taking cuttings, above, in late summer. After roots form, in about four weeks, pot the plants. Such was the concern of the local populace, that a public meeting was held in the town over the August Bank Holiday.Pie in the SkyBBC West filmed a half hour documentary in 1966, entitled Pie in the Sky. Of all the programmes made about the town, this is by far the most level and fair.Shuttlewood was by now contemplating writing a book on the events in the town. The Warminster Mystery was published in 1967 by Neville Spearman, followed a year later by Warnings from Flying Friends, which was self published by Shuttlewood.Sightings of “The thing” continued, but, by the early 1970s, they were beginning to decline.This was partly due to Warminster being old news, and the numbers of sky watchers on the hill dropped due in main to lack of nationwide publicity.A local UFO buff, Ken Rogers pandora jewellery, began publishing The Warminster UFO newsletter in August, 1971.Shuttlewood’s third book on the phenomenon was UFOs: Key to the New Age, which was published in 1971.

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